visual distractions is a visual effects studio located in Hamburg, Germany.

Since our onset in 2006, we focused on high-end visual effects - live action as well as animation, be it digital or in-camera. Over the years, we garnered extensive experience in feature films and commercials for the German as well as the international market. Through continuous organic growth, we added specialized areas such as motion control, stop-motion and stereoscopic productions to our palette.

In animation we have produced either parts or complete sequences for feature films as well as consulting several companies in setting up their CGI departments or projects. In addition to animation films, we have produced visual effects for various feature films, commercials, TV series and short films, using a combination of photographic and digital techniques. In 2009, we extended our playground with the addition of a studio/soundstage with camera, lighting, stop-motion and motion control equipment.

Since 2006 we have been providing motion control services where we established ourselves as a specialist working on international feature films such as 'Chronicles of Narnia - Voyage of the Dawn Treader' (vfx/miniature unit), 'John Carter', 'Sandman and the Lost Sand of Dreams' as well as countless commercials.

With Kara (WT), a s3d stop motion animated film, we are producing our first feature length theatrical film, building on our years of filmmaking experience.

In short, we get excited about visual effects, love combining and building up on our wide array of skills, and take pride in high production values. Please feel free to contact us.