Special Effects


It might come as a surprise that a company with its roots in cgi could at times prefer in-camera optical effects or practical sfx. Sure, we can create beautiful believable effects with cgi. But there are cases when it makes sense to just do them in camera.


A live action sfx set up allows interactivity and enables you to see instant results. Since the results are instant, you can make more iterations and shoot more takes compared to complex cgi simulations.

You can still have a lot of control over your sfx by using motion control, special triggers for timing and additional motorized/electronic devices for model moving.


And sometimes the combination makes the difference - shooting simple sfx layers like dirt flying in the air or some splashes can save a lot of time. The easy access our compositing department has to our studio - it's just next door and on the same server - is an advantage we enjoy.

And let's be honest, what looks more like chocolate than chocolate?