Studio / Workshop


We take our play time seriously. That's why our fully-equipped Waterloo Studio is where you'll find us most of the time. When we're not shooting a pack shot for a commercial or a sequence for a stop motion project, we're researching techniques and developing content that excite us.


Our studio is 120 m2 (height from 4,80m to 6,80m) with truss scaffolding, interchangeable green/black/white molton screens, soft boxes and, most importantly, a built-in coffee machine. There is also abundant lighting, grip and camera equipment. As far as motion control, we have several Kuper and Dragonframe systems in-house with a possibility to adapt our rigs to a project's needs. And if it's a bigger reach you need, no problem. We can always offer you the Milo as part of our studio package, thanks to our close partnership with knutlange motion control photography.


The studio has a gate (2,20H x 2,40W) big enough to drive a car in. We are also proud owners of specialized and rare equipment like a motion control motorized 12" Mini Moy head (serial no.39), motion control motorized turntables and sfx rigging system and triggers: they make us happy and your shots beautiful.

Our visual effects team works on the same network right next door to our studio. And we take advantage of this proximity to its fullest - talk about seeing instant results!


An additional 70 m2 is designated as workshop and storage area equipped with basic set/prop building tools and materials, a set up for building electronics, a CNC mill and some geniuses at work.