Joy of baking

When we were approached on behalf of a major supermarket chain to prepare stop motion shots involving tarts to cupcakes, cheesecakes to easter buns, we were ecstatic.

Under the direction of Sinem Sakaoglu, our team turned our workshop into a bakery and off we were: breaking hundreds of eggs, baking tens of replacement ginger bread people, hundreds of muffins, countless cookies... We might have had the 'sweetest' catering in town.

We shot 52 seconds of stop motion animated real food like never seen before, not even shying away from using real eggs. We also had some sfx shots where our team built special rigs for each shot precisely triggering the camera and the effect for repeatability.

Every shot was concieved as a stand alone pack-shot with utmost attention to detail and lighting as it was a modular concept that could be adapted to the needs of 27 countries in 3 seasonal TV spots.

Girls and boys, this is what happens when we play with our food!

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