Deichmann - Floating Heroes

If you've skimmed through this website, you know that motion control is our thing. Two motion control systems working in sync to create the illusion of slow motion movement? Well, that got our hearts racing somewhat faster.

Under the direction of Ralph Loop, we prepared 3d visualisation of 10 TVC Spots, only to then export and prep the move data for two MILOs: one system acting as a model mover and the other for the camera. The preparation allowed for precise duplication of the 3d previs animation on the MILOs and at the same time provided flexibility to make minor changes on framing, camera/shoe alignment interactively on set.

Be sure to stick around for the making of video right after the clip - you will see why this was such an exciting concept for us to be part of!

Laterna Magica Duesseldorf