Kaufland Mothers' Day - The Gift

A declaration of love and gratitude to all mothers. A continuous camera move leads us through the high and low points of a woman's life from her childhood in the 60s to today in this special commercial film for Kaufland Supermarkets.

Director Sinem Sakaoglu working with vfx and motion control supervisor Julian Hermannsen of visual distractions, created and executed the single-shot concept, shot in the same room changing over the years. Working closely with DoP Frank Griebe, the team first set up a 1:1 dummy set in our Waterloohain Studios and choreographed the whole acting in combination with the camera movement. With the help of stand in actors, we spent two weeks shooting the previs and locking the camera move after testing out various options. We then used the resulting 2.5 minute move on set in Babelsberg. This method allowed the creative team to focus on acting, lighting and set dressing on this otherwise very technical shoot.