Studio Rental

studio floor plan / pricing / info for download


Our Waterloohain Studio in Hamburg offers your productions a unique advantage with its 200 square meters in a central location. Supported by a great infrastucture, 125A & 63A power supply, high-ceilings, complete black-box and parking, our studio also includes a 12 square-meter kitchen for your foodstyling needs.



We're happy to help you with our know-how at any stage of your planning and shoot. Our studio is also connected to our material storage (truss, molton or various backdrops and props) and our fully-equipped workshop to suit your set building needs.



A remarkable highlight of our studio is our in-house motion control systems that are on offer. Not only is the technical Oscar winner MILO at home with us, but also the only BOLT in Germany, the high-speed motion control system. We have other customizable motorized systems as well as turntables ranging from table top shooting to one that can support a car.



Please call or write us with the specs of your shoot and we'll be happy to give you a quote including layered pricing to accomodate longer shoots.